REPOST: Inforum 2013—New Speed Sessions offer quick, high-value content

Inforum 2013 is almost at the tail of spring, budding with its own innovative introductions. Take a peek at the preps:

The Hub will be the engaging, multifaceted core of the Inforum 2013 experience. We’re introducing a new and exciting type of education session—Speed Sessions— just one of many valuable components offered in this dynamic gathering space.

Speed Sessions are designed to help you maximize your time and investment in the Inforum experience. These sessions, which will take place in The Hub Learning Centers stationed throughout industry-focused neighborhoods, will offer the opportunity to gain quick, interactive bursts of knowledge on a particular product, module, or industry.

These interactive and informal discussions will offer high-value content relevant to your needs, in brief 20-minute sessions. Stay tuned for more details on what content will be available in Speed Sessions.

Browse the hundreds of other education sessions available in the session catalog today, or personalize your Inforum 2013 agenda with the session scheduler, available in early February.

Register now to take advantage of the early bird rate of $1,695 and save up to $400 on registration.

Inforum organizers have engineered speed into this year’s activities in congruence with the value for speed CEO Charles Phillips is known for the world over. Check this page for more information.


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