Infor partners with Tracker Corp. for highly efficient onboarding process

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Onboarding is the cross-functional process of assimilating employees into organizations. This management procedure has never been more important as the government continues to press for I-9 and E-Verify compliance.


An E-Verify system is an Internet-based solution that allows organizations to access an employee’s Form I-9, a record used to verify whether or not an individual is authorized to work in the country. Accessing this record is mandatory for employers in particular states and for federal contractors and subcontractors that carry the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) E-Verify clause.


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Complying with this requirement is a heavy task. Good thing Infor has partnered with Tracker Corp. to deliver a comprehensive onboarding solution that streamlines compliance to Form 1-9 and E-Verify regulations and provides companies the ability to monitor all their records at every location.


The Infor Onboarding with Tracker I-9 integration keeps the onboarding process running smoothly and as quickly as possible while raising compliance level up to virtually 100% and minimizing I-9 overhead by more than 75%. A major constituent of Infor HR Service Delivery Suite, Infor Onboarding leverages the power of Tracker I-9 to:


  • centralize management of records;
  • automate audit trails;
  • reduce errors and missed deadlines; and
  • enable remote hiring.


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These are but a few of the features of this new joint offering, which Infor customers can now experience either on-premise or in the cloud.


Both companies agree that the Tracker I-9 integration makes the Infor HR Service Delivery Suite a cohesive solution that encompasses the many critical functions of HR departments.

The integration of Tracker I-9 to Infor technology is another achievement by Infor CEO Charles Phillips. Go to this website to find out more about Infor Onboarding with Tracker I-9 integration.


Distribution FACTS: Inventory just got better

The route from fulfilling consumer demand with supplies distribution is strewn with inventory. Smoothening an operation is thus in want for flexibility in inventory management. Still, companies differ in their needs to attain or improve the latter aspect. It’s at the mention of such ‘customization’ that Infor, leading ERP software provider, comes in.

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Infor Distribution FACTS packs supply chain, performance, and fiscal management capabilities in one solution to increase the speed and efficiency of distributors, even as distribution models are always changing and the market remains to be challenging. In employing the widely encompassing 7.8 release, firms gain control of their core business practices. Multiple processes are streamlined and inventory is maximized, both chiseling away at time and cost to manufacture. Doing away with redundant and manual processes coupled with optimizing resources and inventory paves the road to revenue growth.

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Responding to 70,000 clients overall, Infor has been at the height of sales momentum since March, placing its product in the hands of 2,000 North American distributors, among which are Air-Side Equipment, Inc., George J. Howe Company, H & V Sales, Inc., JRD Sales and Service, Inc., and Keystone Electrical Supply.

CEO Jill Vass of Rice Industries already spoke up in the preliminaries: “We rely on technology like Infor Distribution FACTS to support our aggressive growth plans and help us achieve company goals.”

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With an even more sophisticated IU to run things, Infor’s solution clears the route from demand to supply by providing flexibility and functionality to the processes and inventory.

Infor, under the mandate of Charles Phillips, has been striving to offer the ERP market with the most comprehensive yet cost-effective solutions. Peruse its site and see for yourself.

Adding an arm to distribution

Infor is known for creating innovative software that target specific areas of business operations. With every release of a new program, it has never failed to disappoint. Infor Distribution FACTS suite is not far from its predecessors. Built with advanced functionality, this business solution provides enterprises with extra muscle to handle the demands of a quickly advancing market.

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Infor Distribution FACTS is made for small-to medium-sized distribution companies. Given the extra demands and risks posed by the current corporate arena, advanced solutions like the Distribution FACTS can go a long way in helping a company maintain its position in the market.

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The product manages many aspects of a business, including warehousing, the supply chain, financials, and sales analytics. It helps eliminate redundancy and enhances efficiency by doing away with manual labor. Costs are reduced, and revenue is increased by maximizing the available resources.

Infor Distribution FACTS is currently enjoying popularity among an increasing number of customers, with 2,000 distributors across North America. Jill Vass, CEO of Rice Industries, has this to say about Infor’s product: “We rely on technology like Infor Distribution FACTS to support our aggressive growth plans and help us achieve company goals.” Aside from Rice Industries, many other companies, such as Air-Side Equipment, Inc., George J. Howe Company, and Keystone Electrical Supply, are either joining Infor’s distributors or implementing its products.

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Charles Phillips, as CEO of Infor, leads the company in creating highly innovative products that can handle the processes of particular industries. This Facebook page shares the latest on Infor and its products.