Rocketing up with software: A look at ERP in the aerospace industry

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At the beginning of the 20th century, the aerospace industry emerged.  Consequently, the sky truly ceased being the limit of humanity’s dreams.  The world saw aeronautic technology develop at a pace beaten only by IT, as factories churned out model after model of devices, machines, and vehicles that promised greater functionality, safety, and efficiency.  With such endless potential at the foreground, the industry saw the need for assistance greater than what the human mind could supply manually, leading to a time-tested partnership with software in handling the various aspects of the companies’ processes.


Indeed, software has taken a very significant role in the industry, with every aerospace company utilizing one form of ERP applications or another.  After all, these organizations are more than just hubs for rocket scientists—they are global businesses that operate and compete in today’s aggressive corporate setting.


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As aerospace technology has developed over the years, so have ERP applications evolved to meet the increasing demands of the industry.  A software network can now handle scores of processes, both in the company’s internal and external operations.  They are tapped to aid in the creation of innovations at the drawing room, and in enhancing the efficiency of the whole supply chain.  They facilitate clearer communication among the members of the company and augments personnel’s ability to collaborate with one another and work toward the achievement of the organizations’ goals.


On the other hand, ERP has also become very instrumental in improving the companies’ capacity to reach out to entities outside the organization, allowing for the creation of stronger relationships with their customers.  ERP’s advanced analytic capabilities also allow companies to react and adapt to sudden changes in the market and the economy, thereby increasing their chances of survival.


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It is important to note that aerospace companies are more than just the places that made blazing rockets and the sonic boom humanly possible.  They are corporations with the same need to survive and advance as any other company in any industry today—and ERP software help them do just that.


Charles Phillips is the CEO of Infor, the third largest ERP vendor today, and a major provider of ERP technology to the leading names in the aerospace industry today. For updates on Mr. Phillips, visit this Facebook page.



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