Charles Phillips: Xtreme Support anytime, anywhere

Infor, led by its CEO Charles Phillips, creates enterprise solutions suited for the modern company. This translates to software that combines function, speed, versatility, and most of all, mobility. Infor recently announced the inclusion of a mobile app for Infor Xtreme Support in the Infor10 Motion platform, allowing users to truly enjoy the perks of their Infor software even on the go.

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Xtreme Support is a recent addition to Infor’s slew of sophisticated programs. This is meant to provide customers with a specialized, personalized, and proactive support experience in any instance that they encounter a problem with their Infor software. With Xtreme Support, they have access to support information valuable in getting them back to the task at hand.

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Charles Phillips emphasized the importance of speed in the corporate world. Therefore, Infor is focused on the creation of software that can speed up businesses and help them cope with the demands of competition.

With the Infor Xtreme Support in mobile, users get the opportunity to maximize their Infor software experience. This new feature complements Infor’s efforts to give its customers the freedom and the capacity to manage their businesses even outside the confines of the office. With the Xtreme Support, users can get round-the-clock access to helpful information they need to get their Infor software up and running. The feature also allows them to monitor critical events, check support status, and receive notifications about critical steps in support.

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Currently, the mobile application for Infor Xtreme Support is available for customers on the iPhoneTM and may be downloaded from the App Store TM.

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