Reviewing a Charles Phillips affair: Remaking an ERP vendor in a year

“…You get a lot of development capacity back because you stop doing things no one cares about.”

This caps the Charles Phillips affair, from his first few days to present, at Infor. From the outset, the executive has kept it low-key being Jim Schaper’s successor, focusing precious time, which could have been stolen by the press if he had not been wiser, on streamlining the ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor’s vast product portfolio.

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First in his mind upon taking the helm was to ship “a lot of innovation even if it means a little disruption.” Charles Phillips the CEO commanded that resources be centered on product development and pulled away from other areas. This entailed the reduction of expenses in the back office and the reinforcement of innovation upon the software applications that Infor’s steady client base was being provided with.

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For Charles Phillips, inward affairs at the firm were in need of a widened perspective. A recent interview by had Mr. Phillips revealing the rationale that has been keeping Infor moving along the speed course he has set:


“You want to step back and look at ways that can differentiate yourself, things that can make a big difference for a lot of customers and translate into commercial success. You want to push back and say, why is that on the road map versus something else, and force people into a disciplined conversation with a process behind those decisions…”


Well over one year after Charles Phillips had the affairs at Infor stirred up, the company has acquired Lawson Software for about US$2 billion, hired hundreds of developers, stated plans to relocate headquarters to New York’s “Silicon Alley,” and launched a next-generation line of integrated technology called Infor10.

That could be barely scratching the surface, but for Charles Phillips and Infor, digging into greater product development processes in the near future is entirely worth their resources.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan. Getty


More information on Charles Phillips’ affair with business technology may be accessed on Facebook.


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